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After months of wrangling with his former employer, Andreas Flaten was finally able to collect his final paycheck. Flaten was shocked to see $915 worth of pennies dumped in his driveway.
To make matters worse, Flaten says the currency was coated in some sort of oily substance.
The Georgia man tells CBS 46 in Atlanta that he was surprised to find the pile of oily coins, accompanied by an envelope containing his final paystub and an explicit parting message. Flaten says he left his job at A-OK Walker Luxury Automotive in November but had difficulty getting his final paycheck. He had to enlist the help of the Georgia Department of Labor for help.
The Owner of A-OK Walker Luxury Automotive, Miles Walker, says he doesn't remember dropping off the pennies.  Doesn't remember?
"It doesn't matter. He got paid, that's all that matters," he tells the TV station in the video below. "He's a f---ing weenie for even bringing it up."
Flaten says he left his job with the company because of a hostile working environment. Numerous other people who are former employees of Walker's shop share that sentiment, saying that the owner frequently made the work environment toxic.
One employee says he witnessed Walker ripping employees' final paychecks into pieces before ordering them to leave the facility. A female employee claims that her former boss pulled her pants down in a public area in front of other workers.
There's no word at this time about any criminal charges that the shop owner could face.

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