A teenager on drugs is seen in the video below grabbing a one-year boy in his car seat from a shopping cart, and slamming him to the ground.

WARNING:  The video below is graphic -- but let's state right up front that the little boy suffered only minor abrasions from the incident.

Dusti Counts tells WNCT-TV she was loading groceries into the back of her car at the Edmond, Oklahoma grocery store when the 17-year-old boy suddenly appeared and took the baby carrier from her shopping cart and slammed it to the ground.

The teen then jumped on a car, damaged a sign, exposed himself, and kicked an officer when police arrived. He was found and arrested in a nearby neighborhood. The teen is reported to have smoked marijuana which police suspect was laced with PCP.

The teen faces numerous charges including assault and battery.

We're thankful the little boy escaped with only minor injuries.

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