"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy slammed Kings of Leon and it's not pretty.  After the band said no to "Glee," and making fun of the show, he went on a rant about them. Murphy basically tells them off, calling them self-centered and missing out on the big picture.  He goes on to say this:

They missed that a 7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument. It's like, OK, hate on arts education. You can make fun of 'Glee' all you want, but at its heart, what we really do is turn kids on to music.  Usually I find that people who make those comments, their careers are over; they're uneducated and quite stupid.

That's okay because there are better people out there who will be on upcoming episodes, including Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and the other stars who want to be part of this fabulous show.

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