School in the front, party in back y'all.

There are few things in this world that are cuter than kids with mullets, amirite?

I mean, they don't care. They're like honey badgers.

And it definitely makes even the littlest kid look more mature...and bada**.

If your kid has one of these iconic haircuts, you can help them to win $500.

BTW, notice anything about the judge in the video? The Machine Shop hat? Yep - he's from the Flint area - his name is Uncle Keith. So maybe that will give you some cred with your entry.

Entries are being accepted from now until October 2nd, 2020. First prize is a check for $500, second prize is a pair of Neff Brodie sunglasses worth $50 and a bandana, and third place will receive a pair of Neff Brodie sunglasses worth $30.

The tradition lives on! We’re celebrating America’s next generation of mullets at the official USA Kids’ Mullet Championships in October 2020!


Contestants must be under the age of 18; no wigs or extensions allowed. Finalists will be chosen by the judges and then the contest will move to online voting to pick a winner.


Entry starts September 11th and ends October 2nd, so get your your young mullethead camera-ready and send us the pics!

Our judges will select the top 10 finalists after all the entries are in, and online fan voting will determine the winner from those 10 finalists.

Kids and mullets are freaking ADORABLE. We're going to talk to the organizers on the show tomorrow about the contest.

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