The Michigan DNR wants to hear what the public thinks about proposed changes to forest roads.

Michigan offers countless options for outdoor enthusiasts. The state has it all. Hiking, fishing, ORV'ing, and boating are just some of the options. Each year the Michigan Department of Natural Resources updates the forest road inventory and changes what things around for Michiganders to enjoy.

What are the proposed changes to the forest roads this year?

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has quite a few changes proposed for the upcoming year including adding roads that previously were unmapped and removing roads that no longer exist, closing or opening roads to conventional vehicle use, and closing or opening roads to ORV use.

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The DNR has also proposed a pretty significant change to some of the forest roads located within Camp Grayling. The DNR is considering opening some of the forest roads in the Camp Grayling training area for off-road vehicle use. The roads in the proposal are located on state forest lands and leased from the Department of Natural Resources for military training. Nearly 100 miles of forest roads on the 16,000-acre area in Crawford County would be open to the public when not being used for military training.

How do I give my input on the proposed changes?

Michiganders can give their input in a number of ways. Comments will be taken online and through email until December 1st. Emails can be sent to To see the proposed changes on interactive maps, click here. 

Source: MI DNR

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