Because we all really, REALLY need booze this Christmas, amirite?

Instead of asking for a six-pack this year, I'll ask for a 24-pack.

For the first time ever, Founders Brewing Co. in Detroit is releasing an advent calendar with 24 different bottles of beer.

It’s the most wonderful time of the beer!

To celebrate, we’re releasing our first-ever advent calendar filled with 24 bottles of different Founders beer - a smattering of rarities, limited and barrel-aged surprises.

A very limited amount of these advent calendars will be released on November 25 at 11am by call-in ordering ONLY at 313-335-3431 (will not be available through our online ordering platform). NO PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE - YOU MUST CALL ON NOVEMBER 25 STARTING AT 11AM. Limit of one per person. $150 each.

Did you catch that? You can't pre-order. You can't pre-order OR order online. You have to be old school and pick up the phone at 11 AM tomorrow, November 25th.

Personally, I'm a fan of the All Day IPA and their Pilsner. Drinking it reminded me of the Old Style that my grandfather would drink with my uncles. All the hops, all the time.

KBS is the one that people go nuts for; it's only released once every year so I doubt that will be in the calendar. If it is, though, ten points for Founders! It's been a tough year, so treat yourself. With beer.

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