Think of it as your Roomba on steroids. The city of Detroit will soon deploy a giant robot designed to pick up litter and debris left behind by thoughtless citizens.

DeBot is a cutting-edge new robot vacuum designed to clean litter at the rate of about 32,000 square feet per hour. DeBot will initially be deployed on Earth Day (April 22) on Belle Isle Beach and will reportedly also be used to help clean debris from the Detroit River.

Who is Paying for Detroit's New Robot Vacuum?

According to Detroit's WDIV-TV, the project is a joint effort between the City of Detroit's Office of Mobility Innovation and the Council of the Great Lakes Region Foundation. Funding is provided by The Clorox Company and Meijer.

The city will eventually be looking to purchase another Debot, and is considering the purchase of a PixieDrone, which is a floating waste collector that floats on local waterways.

The cost of the device is not listed on the manufacturer's website and we didn't get an immediate response to our request for more information.

What Does the Debot Do?

According to Serial Cleaners' website, the DeBot is a lot like a robot vacuum for beaches. It screens sand, rakes seaweed, and collects waste materials like cigarette butts, plastic bottles, cardboard, packaging, and more.

The unit runs on rechargeable batteries and announces its presence so it's said to be safe to use even when humans are around.

Hopefully, it doesn't get stuck in the same spot every time like your Roomba does.


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