This once-burnt-out home in a north-end Detroit neighborhood was destined to be leveled. But thanks to some historic, repurposed materials, it is now a sight to behold.

A Hamtramck company that's known for repurposing found and recycled materials is responsible for rehabbing the home located at 246 E. Philadelphia St. in Detroit.

Home Saved from Demolition

Kyle Dubay rescued the home from a homeowner who lives across the street from the property. That homeowner had plans to demolish the structure before Dubay purchased it from the Detroit Land Bank Authority and teamed up with Bo Shephard of Woodward Throwbacks.

Dubay and Shephard decided that the home wasn't as decrepit many homes slated for demolition in the Detroit area. They decided to completely renovate the property using mostly materials that have some significant historical value.

All Materials Have Significant Historical Value

Adam Soroka of the real estate firm @properties Christie's International listed the house and praised Dubay and Shephard for their efforts to rehab the home.

“Every piece of the home tells a story, which makes it very unique,” said Soroka tells the Detroit Free Press. “It’s a brand-new house, but with historic materials that are high quality.”

Some of the reclaimed materials and furniture originated at Marygrove College, the Book Tower, and other historic homes and buildings from the Corktown District, Boston Edison, Birmingham, Lapeer, Lansing, New York, and Maine. Even the original front door has been retrofitted with hardware from an old Detroit Church.

Enjoy the pictures below.


Michigan Home Goes from Eyesore to Stunning, All From Repurposed Materials

This home in Detroit's North-End neighborhood was about to be leveled. But thanks to a little creativity and a lot of recycled material, it has been given a second chance.

Check out the pics from 246 E. Philadelphia St., Detroit.

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