Kelsee Williams isn’t afraid to smile in public anymore.

After years of improper and sporadic dental care, Kelsee went to Amazing Dental in Wyandotte back in July...and got some bad news. Her teeth were in a state of rapid decay and it would cost upwards of $50,000 to fix them.

Her dental insurance informed her that they don't cover restorative care, and that her only option would be to have her teeth pulled and be fitted for dentures. She's 22-years-old.

Dr. Najas Najor wanted to help, regardless. So, after months of work, he gave her a new smile...for free.

Every month, Amazing Dental picks a recipient of free dental work, which is how Kelsee received hers. She's no longer afraid to smile and laugh in public.

And she looks AMAZING! Congratulations, Kelsee and Dr. Najor!

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