Rumor has it that Demi Lovato is maturing in her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama at a rapid rate: The pair have allegedly moved in together.

Back in October, there was talk that the ‘Skyscraper’ singer had reunited with her 31-year-old prince charming following a successful stint in rehab and similarly, a clean bill of health. Now, the air is swirling with gossip that the 19-year-old teen idol has left her own digs for her beau’s crib and things are getting super serious.

NW Online reports that the rumors have validity to them, and Demi is in fact shacking up with her much elder boytoy. “Demi’s keeping her home in the L.A. Valley but she’s pretty much moving into Wilmer’s place across town,” a friend of the singer said. “She’s young but she’s very mature for her age and is looking to settle down fairly soon.”

While we’re sure that by ‘settle down’ she does not mean ‘have babies,’ we wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see the Disney queen tie the knot with her main squeeze in the near future … If the rumors are true, of course!