Demi Lovato says it's "derogatory" to call extraterrestrials "aliens" — and here's why.

Lovato's interest in the cosmos isn't a secret, as they previously shared alleged footage of extraterrestrials that the singer recorded in Joshua Tree on their Instagram. Their Peacock streaming series, Unidentified With Demi Lovato, is all about searching for "definitive answers to some of the biggest questions about extraterrestrial life."

It seems like Lovato is sticking up for their intergalactic pals — so much so that they now claim the word "alien" is a derogatory word for said Martians and other space-folk. In fact, Lovato wants to change what people refer to them altogether.

According to a new interview with Pedestrian, Lovato explained, "I think we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything. That's why I like to call them ETs!"

Lovato went on to say that using the term "ETs" was something they "learned," and that they've always been a huge fan of UFOs. They also believe that the world is making progress on becoming a more open place, and they hope to show how much we need to expand our consciousness with their new show.

Lovato is currently filming their extraterrestrial research to discover more about ETS, so fans come along for the ride too, according to Billboard.

The TV series, Unidentified With Demi, which debuted last month, stemmed from a previous experience Lovato and their friends had at Joshua Tree in California. They allegedly saw a bright light there that moved in a way that a plane wouldn't be able to — and Lovato needed to find an explanation for what they saw.

The whole goal for their TV series is to find out what happened that night, clear up misconceptions and uncover the truth about UFO phenomena. Lovato, their sister Dallas Leigh, their skeptical friend Matthew and various extraterrestrial experts are all a part of the show, which is now streaming on Peacock.

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