Coming from personal experience, being on a cruise ship in high winds can be nerve-racking, and even all-out terrifying. Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Sea was caught in a massive storm overnight, tossing the ship and thousands of passengers around as it attempted to traverse 30-foot waves!

Leaving New Jersey Saturday night, 4,000 passengers were told to stay in their cabins when they hit the strong storm last night. Some passengers reported the ship listing as much as 45 degrees in the high winds. Others tweeted videos and pictures. The ship bound for the Bahamas will instead dock in Florida around noon today.

UPDATE 2/9/2016 12:47pm: Royal Caribbean is reporting minor damage to the ship, and a change in course. Instead of Cape Canaveral, Florida as its next stop, the ship is turning around and returning to its home port in New Jersey.

We had a similar episode on the last day of our family cruise a few years ago. It was so bad that our ship slammed into the dock, and another ship got stuck because the wind grounded it on a sandbar.