Cruise Ship

Major Cruise Ship Chaos!
Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Sea was caught in a massive storm overnight, tossing the ship and thousands of passengers around as it attempted to traverse 30-foot waves!
Man Pulls Cruise Ship With His Teeth [VIDEO]
I know what your asking, why would anyone want to do this? Maybe it's something to do between dentist appointments. A man from India awed a crowd as he took 543 tons to his mouth, and pulled a massive cruise ship to shore using only his teeth.
Lets see him try that with the ship on dry land. Ta…
Cruise Ship Capsized Off The Coast Of Italy [VIDEO]
After returning from a cruise just weeks ago, this story sent chills down my spine when I got wind of it.  A cruise ship ran aground on a reef off the coast of Italy over the weekend.  This crash was so bad, it's being compared to the tragedy of the Titanic.
New details continue to emerge about the p…