Politics are alive and well in Flushing. Political disputes have brought to the forefront that "Vince & Larry", the townships police department's two crash test dummies costumes have been drawn into the political arena. A resident in Flushing has complained, received an official response by the chief, and an investigation by the township supervisor.The crash test dummies arrived at the township through a grant, with a stipulation that they be available to law enforcement, communities, and anyone seeking to promote automobile safety. However, one of the dummies recent trips is in question. A $52.62 gas receipt is at the center of the controversy concerning who dropped the costumes off at the Sanilac County Sheriff's Department, and whether the Police Chief, Dale Stevenson was actually on police business when he filled up with gas. Investigations found no wrongdoing, however the township treasurer and a trustee could be facing a recall because of all the confusion surrounding the politics..