It started with a simple question from a concerned husband about his wife's unfortunate dismissal from a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Then the Internet jumped in.

I have no idea when this epic trolling was started, but it is amazing. I found a post shared by my friend about a guy, Brad, taking time out of his day to post on the corporate Cracker Barrel Old Country Store's Facebook page a simple question, "Why did you fire my wife?". Nothing more. No name, no circumstances around what happened, just that.

After a few people jumped in to ask a few follow up questions on Brad's post, we learned that she was let go on his birthday after 11 years of service! Well, the people of the Internet started to wonder, and took to the comments section of the company's Facebook page demanding to know what happened to Brad's wife. After, as it looks to me, the company shut down the comment feature on the side of the page, people found a way to show how much they care for Brad's wife by posting their concerns in the comments of Cracker Barrel's posts:


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