Police in Hazel Park are looking for two people who robbed a veteran who gave them shelter and cared for them after a snowstorm.

Terrance Finken tells WJBK that Bryan Moore and Meranda Stidham stole his truck and about $40,000 in cash from his home. He took the couple in shortly after they arrived in Michigan in November. Then on January 7th, Finken's daughter was diagnosed with cancer. When the 74-year-old left home to comfort her, the couple cleaned him out.

"I don't know. It's just heartbreaking you could be so good to people and they turn around and do something like that," Finken said.

A neighbor's security camera shows the couple leaving in Finken's truck. It's a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado, license number DC24398.

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Finken says the couple walked off with a lockbox which he kept in a safe.

"It was all old bills too. You'd think somebody [would] catch that flashing around. Heck, there was one bill in there from 1935," he noted.

Police have issued warrants for Moore and Stidham, but suspect they've left the state. They may be heading south, possibly to Kentucky.

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