What you're about to see is the story of true love. Will and Judy Webb were married for 56 years and after a lifetime of love, they died within just hours of each other, holding hands.

"At 14 they met and were friends, they dated other people, they were engaged to other people," their daughter Marybeth Webb tells Fox 2. "And then they were both single when he went to Army. So she was like, ‘I didn't have anyone to write, so I started writing your dad.'"

Daughter Lori Thomas noted that her parents lived a life of mutual love and respect.

But the Melvindale couple recently suffered health complications and were taken to separate hospitals. Marybeth says the two were still connected emotionally, if not physically.

"She would get a fever from her infection; he would get a fever. Couldn't figure out where his was coming from because there was no source," she said. "She ended up with encephalopathy as a complication from the antibiotic she was on; he ended up with encephalopathy."

Will and Judy were reunited in hospice earlier this month. As the couple held hands in adjacent beds, Will took his last breath. Only a few hours later, Judy passed away as well.

Their children say they are grateful their parents never had to suffer the loss of each other.

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