You see it all the time. Inpatient drivers race to the front of the line hoping to be the first to get through construction zones or motorcyclists who weave between lanes of traffic in an attempt to skirt backups.

But this motorcyclist in Bath Township took it a step further, roaring past construction workers who tried to flag him down in order to keep him out of a closed lane on I-69.

He didn't listen.

But it seems the cyclist wasn't aware that he was driving right into wet cement. The curing cement slowed him down quickly and he came to a quick stop. The cyclist ditched the bike and fled on foot.

That saved you a hell of a lot of time, didn't it, buddy?

Michigan Department of Transportation noted on its Facebook page that the cops will be waiting when the cyclist picks up his bike at the impound lot.

Did you lose a motorcycle yesterday driving on I-69 in #ClintonCounty? Remember to always drive safely in work zones and do not use closed lanes to pass slowed traffic - you never know where concrete might be curing.

You can pick your bike up at the impound, where the police will be waiting.

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