This is FANTASTIC! The power of social media!

Marc Carter's son Ben is 14-years-old and has autism. A lot of kids on the spectrum have sensory issues - some of them will only eat certain foods because of texture. And Ben is no different - he'll only drink out of ONE CUP. The Tommee Tippee cup.

They've discontinued the cup, and Ben's is falling apart. And it's no joke that he'll only drink out of THAT CUP...he's been to the ER twice because of dehydration.

Marc put out a plea on social media for a new cup, and it went viral. It was retweeted 17K times, and the hashtag #CupForBen started to spread. The company even started to tweet about it, searching for the cups and looking through their warehouse. They found the original mold for the cup, and offered Ben a lifetime supply.

See? Social media CAN be used for good!