This is great news for some, but not for everybody.

2020 has really packed a punch, which we really don't even need to say out loud. Millions of young people around the world were robbed of graduation ceremonies and parties, and those same young people are now starting their college career either online or quarantined in their dorms.

It's been a tough time, and that's why quite a few colleges are now forgoing SAT scores in favor of a "how I survived the pandemic" essay instead.

The dean of admissions at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, Catherine Davenport, told the Wall Street Journal that "this wasn’t something you could study for or plan for, but it offers a great opportunity for students to show us what they were able to do when they just had to figure out how to make it work. That’s a unique story."

Thus, the college is going "test-blind" for the incoming class of 2021 for the first time since they opened in 1994. This means that they will no longer look at standardized test scores as part of admissions, even if they're submitted.

Personally, I love this. I was a terrible test-taker in school. No matter how much I studied, I'd freeze up on every single test. I was in the band, orchestra, softball, basketball, and theatre. However, my ACT score left a lot to be desired - 21, which is usually the absolute minimum you need to get into college. And trust me, most colleges took a look at that score and nothing else...and sent me a rejection letter.

However, if somebody is a good test-taker and NOT a great writer, this may not work to their advantage.

We are more than standardized tests and it's about time that colleges start doing this. I hope it sticks AFTER the pandemic.

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