The class of 2020 will definitely have a senior year to remember. With virtual graduation ceremonies taking the place of filled auditoriums and gyms, this years graduating seniors are experiencing a new reality to their long awaited moment in the spotlight. Nathaniel Moore, a front-line doctors assistant, has developed a program that gives graduating seniors a way to celebrate and make a difference at the same time.

Moore has founded a charity called Gowns 4 Good and is urging graduates to "wear the cap, and donate the gown". The program gives the graduation gear to medical workers, on the frontlines in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, personal protective equipment, or PPE.

It's been no secret that doctors, nurses, and other medical staff have been faced with shortages of PPE. Some healthcare workers are using anything they can to protect themselves and their patients with some resorting to using garbage bags. "To hear these personal stories of people on the frontlines that have nothing, that are begging for gowns, that are begging for any support that we can offer them and as fast as possible, and we're working just as hard as we can to make sure we can spread our story, get people to donate to help those that are reaching out", Moore said. 

Photo: Gowns 4 Good Media
Photo: Gowns 4 Good Media

According to Gowns 4 Good, graduation gowns are more effective than other PPE alternatives given their length, sleeves, and easy zippered access. The need is great and timing even better. Currently, there are more than 75,000 frontline responders have registered for gowns so far, and nearly 4 million people are expected to graduate from U.S. universities this year.

Moore is hoping the class of 2020 joins in with protecting healthcare workers by upcycling their graduation gowns. The program will even accept older gowns that have been hanging in the back of closets for years as well. They have received some 5400 gowns so far.

To donate or for more information click here.

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