It could get a little costly for "Two and a Half Men," as Charlie Sheen takes some time out for rehab.  They are taking a break from shooting, but if they shut down permanently, it could cost as much as $250 million in domestic syndication revenue. Earlier, execs had said they couldn't do a whole lot about Charlie's social life because it wasn't affecting the show.  Things could be a little different now for Warner Brothers and CBS.  Domestic syndication deals are expected to bring in nearly $2 billion over the next several years.  But depending on how long Charlie is out, they could still lose current deals, which could total as much as $250 million.

Meanwhile, CBS had ordered additional episodes for "Mike and Molly" and "Rules of Engagement," to help fill the void.  I still like how Jon Cryer said last week that he usually checks TMZ to see if he has to show up to work.  He might as well take a vacation right now, because who knows when Charlie will be back.

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