There is nothing quite like a small Midwest town, and as a Michigander, I think our state it filled with some of the very best hidden gems. Now, it looks like the rest of the country is getting in on the secret.

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The Smithsonian Magazine recently did a story on the best small towns in American to see in 2021. Coast to coast, and north to south, each town present their own special charm and personalty. One small Michigan town made the list, and for me, it is truly one of my very favorites to visit year round.


The up-north town, of just under 2,500 residents, is one of those Michigan places you can just lose yourself in relaxation in. The waterfront town sits beautifully  along the shores of both Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix....picture worthy perfection.

The article noted the things they felt made Chalevoix a must see for travelers such as favorite dining spots like Stafford's Weathervane to and the casual Villager Pub. Historic places to stay such as Hotel Earl, and sight seeing spots like the infamous mushroom houses. Charlevoix has a little bit of something for everyone., not to mention the town will give you a full dose of quaintness you will love.

Charlevoix is where you walk the streets and say hello to strangers, grab ice cream at the corner, and take in a perfect sunset. A true small town America vibe that can be hard to find in many states.

Now personally, I would have added a few others to the list such as;

  • Saugatuck, and its adorable bed and breakfasts, such as the Bayside Inn
  • Petoskey, with it's cute downtown experience and Petoskey State Park
  • Marshall, which is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places for its well-preserved examples of 19th century American architecture.
  • Ludington, because it's all about fun on the water.
  • South Haven, filled with pure beauty with its beaches and harbor.

Check out the full list of the '15 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2021' here. 

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