Nov. 5 is National Love Your Red Hair Day! With less than 2 percent of people being born with naturally red hair, it's no wonder the color is so highly coveted.

Stephanie and Adrienne Vendetti launched the holiday in August 2015. As teens, they wanted to fit in and even dyed their hair blonde in an attempt to conform, before they realized that their natural auburn shade was beautiful.

The pair wanted to create a day to celebrate their unique locks and empower fellow redheads. Stephanie Vendetti said of the holiday, ‘‘Most of all, it’s a reminder for women everywhere, redhead or not, to love their unique qualities.”

The sisters also founded a website called "How to Be a Redhead" after experiencing bullying during cruel, unofficial events such as "Kick a Ginger Day."

National Love Your Red Hair day is just one of several events and holidays for all the redheads out there. For example, World Redhead Day is celebrated on May 26 every year.

Created in the Netherlands in 2005, Redhead Day is a free three-day festival sponsored by local Dutch government. People from more than 80 countries gather in the city of Tilburg in the last weekend of August to celebrate their ginger and auburn locks. The event isn't just for natural redheads, though — people who dye their hair red are welcome to join the festivities, too!

Iconic Celebrity Redheads

Whether dyed or natural, these stars are known for their fiery red locks.

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