Residents of a local neighborhood on edge..while dog pack runs loose.

A trail cam photo has been released showing a picture of the pack of dogs.The dogs were spotted attacking a deer and they allegedly killed someone's dog. Authorities have stepped up their efforts to contain the vicious animals.

The dogs were spotted in the area of Stanley, Germania Platz and Green Point Nature Center.The Saginaw County Sheriff is bringing in a horse and a search plane to look for the dogs. The dogs may be roaming around nearby nature centers including Green Point and the Shiawasee Wildlife Refuge.

The refuge and animal control are clear the animals are some sort of dog breed, and not any other animal such as coyotes. The Saginaw County Animal Control wants residents to be alert and to supervise children while outdoors in the area.
Efforts are underway to humanely trap the dogs. Animal control wants residents to leave the traps alone and to call 911 if they see the dogs