Once this cat finished eradicating mice from his owner's office, he moved on and started collecting dollar bills. CASHnip Kitty, as he's known to those in an entertainment district in Tulsa, Oklahoma, collects dollar bill from passersby.

Employees at GuRuStu tell LoveMeow that they noticed a collection of paper money on the floor of their offices. The correctly surmised that people had been using dollar bills to play with the kitty through a slot in their office door. Owner Stuart McDaniel tested the theory.

"We tried it again and over and over, he would jump up and grabb the dollar through the door slot," Stuart told Love Meow.

The crew decided to capitalize on the cat's thieving ways and put up a sign.

"CASHnip Kitty is a hustler with a philanthropic heart. He will snatch your money and donate it to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. CASHnip Kitty says, 'Slide a dollar through the slot and great blessings will follow.' Search #CashnipKitty on Facebook to see his take each week!"

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