It should be all about his health and well being. It's to bad that money seems to be the heart of this family drama.

The New York Times is reporting that three days after a Los Angeles judge expressed serious concerns about Casey Kasem's safety and whereabouts he has been found on an Indian reservation in Washington state.

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Sgt. Mario Toti of the Santa Monica police department, said that Casey was found by deputies from the Kitsap Sherrif's Department yesterday, hours after his concerned daughter filed a missing persons report. Kasem was found safe on an Indian reservation but the condition of his health isn't known at this time.

The 82 year-old radio DJ and host of America's Top 40 has been failing in recent years and it was initially believed that Casey suffered from Parkinson's disease and dementia, but he was recently diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia.

Jean Kasem, Casey's wife for 34 years, has been in control of his medical treatments and his three children from a previous marriage have accused her of blocking access to their father in recent months.

That changed on Monday when a judge made Kasem's daughter, Kerri Kasem temporary conservator of his estate.

It was thought at first that Kasey had been moved out of the country, as he had bounced from one medical facility after another recently. His children are happy that he has been located, but still have grave concerns about his well being and health.

A Los Angeles judge has ordered a hearing for June 20 so that he can review Kasem's health and well being.

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