Cars 108 has teamed up with Ugly Dog Daycare & Training in Goodrich for the Cars 108 'Pup to Pal' Project.

Meet Levi. He's a beautiful yellow Labrador retriever. Right now, Levi is just a puppy, but soon he'll be someone's new pal. Hence the name, Cars 108's Pup to Pal Project. Look at that sweet face.

Ugly Dog Daycare & Training
Ugly Dog Daycare & Training

This Is Where We Need Your Help

Cars 108 and Ugly Dog will be presenting Levi to one very lucky and very special person who will benefit from an emotional support animal. If you know anyone who is looking for an addition to their family and you think they would be a good fit for Levi, we are now taking nominations. Use the form below to tell us who you know personally that deserves to be Levi's new pal.

Let's be clear. Levi will be an emotional support animal, not a service dog. Emotional support animals provide companionship and support to help their owners cope with anxiety, depression, and certain phobias, different from service dogs who often belong to owners with physical disabilities or limitations.

Once we've chosen Levi's new pal, Ugly Dog Daycare & Training will work with that individual and provide personalized training for Levi so he can be a perfect fit for his new owner and family.

The Fine Print

We are currently taking nominations for someone to be Levi's new pal. We're looking for an individual who would truly benefit from having an emotional support animal and someone who would provide a good home for Levi. You are free to nominate anyone you know who you think would be a good fit, we just ask that you don't nominate yourself or anyone in your household.

Cars 108 and Ugly Dog Daycare & Training reserve the right to use our discretion and expertise to choose who would be the best owner for Levi. Additionally, Levi's new pal must agree to the terms outlined by Ugly Dog Daycare & Training and will be required to sign a contract pertaining to Levi's ownership and care.

And always keep in mind that adopting any animal, especially a puppy, is a 10-15 year commitment and a big decision that requires major thought and consideration. Please try your best to nominate someone who you believe could provide proper care and love to sweet Levi.

Who Should Be Levi's New Pal?

Nominate someone below for Cars 108's Pup to Pal Project. We will keep nominations open through Tuesday, November 28th, until we feel we've found the proper home for Levi. We look forward to hearing from you!


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