Thank you to Chad, his wife and his family for giving back to those on the front lines!

We got a message from Marie last week - we met her through Roof Sit for the Whaley Children's Center. She and her husband previously owned the McDonald's on Saginaw in Grand Blanc. She wanted to nominate Chad Robertson and his family from Goodrich for our Local Hero of the Day.

Her message said:

A young man, his wife and son in Goodrich are making plastic face shields for local healthcare workers. He’s been going for a few weeks and just started a go fund me account.

It’s been an impressive start and he’s trying to get the word out to raise more money and make more masks.

He’s bought 3-4 more 3D printers and he plans to donate them to schools when this is over. I’ve donated a bunch of 3D printer ink. It’s totally grassroots and a wonderful story of people doing whatever to support our healthcare workers. He’s not charging anything. His name is Chad Robertson. I actually met he and his wife in my Crim training group.


If you'd like to nominate somebody that YOU know for our Local Hero of the Day, email

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