Taking a moment every day to recognize the people in our community who keep everything going!

Every day since the pandemic started, we've been featuring local heroes who are doing their part to help us all continue to press on during these weird times.

Today's local hero of the day is Paul McCarley, who was nominated by his son Landyn:

I would like to nominate my dad Paul McCarley for hero of the day but, he's my hero everyday! He works at ACI Plastics and makes medical supplies especially the ones that are currently helping fight this Covid19. He goes to work everyday tirelessly to provide for my sister, my mom and I along with helping take care of my nana and papa. I ask him to stay home to be safe and hangout with me all day and I can see how sad it makes him but he tells me he has to go to work so kids like me will continue to stay safe and healthy. To me my dad is Superdad and I love him!!!


Thank you for everythiung you do, Paul! To nominate your local hero of the day, email your photo and story to AJ@wcrz.com

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