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There are so many people doing wonderful things right now that we wanted to highlight somebody new every day. Today's Local Hero of the Day is Linda Coatsworth from New Lothrop.

Linda works for the Post Office, and her postmaster Kelly sent us this message:

Linda Coatsworth, a letter carrier in New Lothrop came up with a way to go above and beyond to help some of our customers.

As in many small towns, if you live within a quarter-mile of a post office, you are not eligible for street delivery and you are given a free post office box. Many of these customers are elderly and this would force them to go out into the public, to the post office to acquire their mail.

Twice a week, on her own time, Linda volunteers to deliver these people their mail and parcels after her shift.  On her own time, with her own vehicle.

Our customers look at her as an angel!  They are so very grateful! Linda has a heart of gold and always puts others before herself. 

She’s my hero and I think she deserves your title of Hero Of The Day.


Thank you for all you do, Linda!

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