Thank you for your service, Austyn!

So many people are continuing to make the world go 'round during this pandemic and it's almost impossible to recognize them all. That's why we're highlighting our Cars 108 Local Hero of the Day here at

Today's hero is Austyn Zelinski. He was nominated by his mom, Amber. Her email read:

I would like to and am proud to nominate my son Austyn Zelinski as the hero of the day. He is currently recovering from COVID. Austyn joined the Michigan National Guard a few months out of high school to make a difference, he took on boot camp and 6 month AIT with drive, eagerness, and determination. He completed that, came home and enrolled in Corrections Academy while taking online college to earn a degree in criminal justice. He has worked overtime, been mandated and done well at the prison.

courtesy of Amber Kyle
courtesy of Amber Kyle

As a 21 year old I am most proud of his care in doing his part in staying home, staying safe because of his concern for others at his work, and community. Thank you Austyn and to everyone on the frontlines!


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