We love hearing about all of these members of our community who are doing great things!

The word "hero" is being used a lot right now, and for good reason - we're starting to realize how many different people are essential to our communities, and that's why we're featuring our Cars 108 Local Hero of the Day.

Today, we recognize Arika Ketchum, who was nominated by her husband Ezra.

I would like to nominate my wife Arika Ketchum a CNA that has been fighting the battle right next to all other healthcare workers in the nursing homes I’m proud of her she stood up to help people when no one would help the COVID-19 patients we need more workers like her when other health care workers storm out in fear she geared up and didn’t leave their sides. Thank you for everything you do Arika.


To nominate YOUR local hero, send an email with a photo to AJ@wcrz.com

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