This is nothing but shameless promotion for one of our own.

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Cars 108's Jim Baade is angling for your vote in 'My City' Magazine's 'Greater Flint's Best-Dressed' contest.

We caught up with Baade, which wasn't very hard because his studio is right next door to the Cars 108 studio, and asked him a few questions. Then we listened politely while he spent 18 minutes telling us about his feature films 'Local DJ' (based on Peter Cavanaugh's book of the same name) and 'Flint's Best Rock,' both of which are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Cars 108:  Why should we vote for you in the Greater Flint Best Dressed Contest?

Baade:  I think it's time radio people get some recognition for their fashion sense. And I'm just the guy to make that happen.


Cars 108:  Why the hell do you dress up? You work alone in a 10 x 10 cell studio all day?

Baade:  Because it makes me feel good -- style is all about fit and attitude. And believe me, I have lots of attitude.

Cars 108:  Who are your fashion icons?

Baade:  James Dean, Justin Trudeau, and some other guy in this contest who I don't care to name.

Cars 108:  How in the world did you get nominated for this competition? We're guessing it was your wife.

Baade:  Yes, it was probably my beautiful wife, Molly.

Cars 108:  What do you think of your chances of winning?

Baade:  I feel really good. I'd say I have a better than average shot. What do you think of my chances?

Cars 108:  Moving on to the next question...

Cars 108:  Boxers or briefs, and does this have any bearing on this contest?

Baade:  It has no bearing on the competition, but the answer is "briefs." And that's a really odd question coming from another man.

Cars 108:  Tell us a little more about your feature films. Oh sorry, it looks like we're fresh out of time...

Follow this link to vote for Cars 108's Jim Baade in Greater Flint's Best-Dressed contest. 

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