It's Teacher Appreciation Week -- and rather than dropping $14 on a 'World's Best Teacher' coffee mug for your kid's teacher, let's try something different.

Pro Tip:  He or she probably already has a cupboard full of those stupid mugs.

Can you name all of your elementary teachers? And GO:

K:  Mrs. Skrobek -- Loved her so much I wanted my parents to name my sister 'Barbara' when she was born. They promised they would. And then they didn't.

1st:  Mrs. Yockey -- That year was a blur with learning to read and all...

2nd:  Mrs. McGuire -- She was my first exposure to persons with disabilities, as she was born with only one hand. Had a lot of respect for that lady.

2nd Grade photos

3rd:  Mr. Potvin -- Taught us the importance of respecting the flag and people wearing uniforms.

4th:  Mr. Guy -- OMG did that dude love photography. And then so did I for several years after that.

5th:  Mrs. Dahl -- Had a hearty laugh and looking back, she may have had a hard time controlling her laughter when it came to marginally inappropriate stuff.

6th:  Mrs. Crick -- Best. Teacher. Ever. Made us do speeches and gushed at how good mine was. She was probably instrumental in pushing me toward a broadcasting career. I don't hold it against her.

I'd love to hear yours.

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