Michigan has been buzzing since news broke earlier this week that an $842 million winning Powerball ticket had been sold at the Food Castle store in Grand Blanc. But under current Michigan law, will our state's newly-minted millionaire be able to remain anonymous?

The Winner Has Not Yet Come Forward

We can only imagine the individual or individuals who purchased the winning ticket for Monday's (1/1) drawing is busy getting their financial ducks in a row - speaking with a financial advisor, setting up a trust, and maybe even scouring the internet for a new mansion in the area to live in.

We do know that they're doing a good job of keeping their win themselves - because news like this would probably spread like wildfire, even if they shared it with 'just a couple of close friends.' Fortunately, Monday's winner has a full year to come forward to collect his/her winnings.

Will the Grand Blanc Powerball Jackpot Winner be Able to Remain Anonymous?

If you're wondering if the person or persons who purchased the winning ticket can stay anonymous, the answer is complicated.

Under current Michigan law, lottery players who win over $10,000 in prize money playing state-only games can remain anonymous. But that only applies to 'state-only games' such as instant scratch-off tickets and Lotto 47. Powerball and Mega Millions are multi-state games and fall under a different set of rules, therefore winners are not permitted to remain anonymous.

But that may soon change.

The Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill last fall that would allow Michigan residents who win multi-state games to remain anonymous. That bill has yet to be passed by the Senate.

There is a Loophole to Current Michigan Law

Michigan residents who win large, multi-state jackpots can take advantage of a loophole in Michigan's current law that would allow them to fly under the radar.

The key is to form a lottery club.

When a registered lottery club wins a jackpot, only one member of the club has to be identified. Members - such as a lawyer - can be added to a lottery club after a drawing.

The lottery club's bylaws can stipulate that members can receive varying amounts. So a lawyer or financial representative who is the public-facing member of the club can be paid a fee for his or her services while the remaining prize money is distributed to the club's other members.

A precedent was set back in 2021 when the Wolverine FLL Lottery Club won $1.05 billion in the Mega Millions drawing.

We've outlined the rules that govern setting up a lottery club here.

To the Individual or Individuals Who Purchased the $842 Million Winning Ticket:

We hope you appreciate this advice. And hope you feel compelled to share a little green in exchange for the valuable information we've provided.

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