To wear or not to wear? That is the question...or is it? JUST WEAR A MASK!

Today is the day when the videos of adults throwing massive public tantrums will probably double - today is the day that you are required to wear a mask when you're out in public in Michigan.

Since the mask debate has been politicized (for the record, this STILL blows my mind), several municipalities and sheriffs are making statements about whether they will or won't enforce Governor Whitmer's executive order that was issued on Friday.

A west Michigan sheriff has already indicated that he'll respond to calls about people not wearing masks, but will NOT hand out the $500 fine. And a bakery in Owosso has said that they will NOT turn away maskless customers.

So, what about our local municipalities in the Flint area?

Burton Chief of Police Brian Ross posted the following on the Burton City Chat Facebook page:
I encourage everyone to read the order. You must wear the masks when indoors at a public place, when outside where social distancing cannot be followed, and when using hired transportation. There are several exceptions to this order. I think we all need to be adults about this. If you do not wear your mask because you fall in one of the exceptions, (or you just refuse to follow the order) and a business refuses you entry, do not fight with them about it. Just take your business elsewhere. If you see someone not wearing a mask do not engage them over it. They might be exempt. If you feel strongly about the mask issue, you really shouldn't be engaging with people that do not have the mask on anyways.

We are law enforcement officers, we enforce laws. We also have to follow the Elliot Larson Act and HIPPA laws.

So, if you are concerned about a business or person violating this order, you can call us and we will determine what action if any needs to be taken.

Burton City Chat via Facebook
Burton City Chat via Facebook
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