The brother of the man who shot his parents on the Central Michigan University Campus on Friday is speaking out about his family.

Russell Matthew Davis, the brother of accused Central Michigan University sophomore James E. Davis, has posted on social media with a plea: don't make a villain of my brother.

He posted with family pictures, confirming the news that his parents had passed and were at "rest from the life of labor and stress."

New information is being released that CMU police had been called the day before about Davis, noting that he was behaving erratically; he had bags packed in the hallway and was speaking "nonsensically" according to the report.

The officers checked him into a hospital on Thursday night, and his parents drove from Illinois to pick him up on Friday. He loaded some of his belongings into their car when it was reported that he grabbed a gun and shot them on the 4th floor of Campbell Hall.

There are no reports or accounts of the police ever running into trouble with Davis before. His father was a police officer in Bellwood, IL.

We hear you, Russell. And we're so, SO sorry for your loss.

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