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Britney Spears Slams Therapy She 'Had To Do Against My Will'

Britney Spears uploaded a video on Instagram mocking the many therapists she has encountered against her will over the past 13 years during her conservatorship. Watch below:

Netflix Making Movie About Grandma Who Invited Stranger to Thanksgiving

Remember the 2016 viral story about a grandma who accidentally invited a stranger to her Thanksgiving dinner? Well, now Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton are the subjects of an upcoming Netflix movie about their friendship. (via Variety)

Want to Tip Extra This Holiday Season? Here's a Guide

It's the holiday season and the perfect opportunity to be a blessing to others. A recent survey revealed who Americans plan on tipping extra this year and how much. (via CNBC)

  • Housekeeper: $50
  • Babysitter or daycare provider: $50
  • Teacher: $25, or a small gift instead of cash
  • Landscaper or gardener: $30
  • Mail carrier: $20
  • Trash or recycling collector: $20

Report: Tristan Thompson Allegedly Cheats on Khloe Kardashian Again

Tristan Thompson is reportedly expecting baby number three with someone who isn't Khloe Kardashian. According to unconfirmed reports, Thompson had a relationship with a personal trainer in Texas back in March and got her pregnant while he was still with Kardashian. Thompson allegedly offered the woman $75,000 to stay quiet. (via TMZ)

George Clooney Turned Down $35 Million for One Day of Work

George Clooney says he was offered to do a one-day job that would earn him $35 million. The A-list actor turned the gig down because the project was with an airline company deemed problematic. (via TMZ)

Take a Tour of Logan Paul's $9 Million Encino Mansion

Logan Paul is selling his magnificent $9 million Encino mansion after moving to Puerto Rico. Here's a look inside!

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