Can't say that we didn't see this coming.

According to the nationally syndicated sports talker Dan Patrick, there won't be a college football season this fall.

This comes just a couple of days after the Mid-American Conference made the announcement that they, too, will be canceling the season. This will affect teams such as Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University and Western Michigan University. The Big 10 presidents reportedly voted 12-2; Michigan president Mark Schlissel and Michigan State president Samuel Stanley voted to not play football this year. They had previously released a revised schedule that would've started in September. Players started petitioning on social media over the weekend to play, including Clemson's Trevor Lawrence.

What do YOU think? Putting your personal beliefs aside, do you think it's safe for players to play without fans in the stands, or did the Big 10 make the right decision?

I'm no football fan, professional OR college, but I know how many people are fans and how much money this will cost to cancel the season.

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