The dog is still alive but is expected to lose its leg.

Grand Rapids police are defending their actions after having to shoot a dog in the early hours on Friday morning. Officers responded to a call around 2:15 AM about a dog that was loose, being aggressive towards neighbors.

The police attempted to "snare" the dog twice without success, and when the dog charged them, they shot it. The dog's owner works third shift and came home when a neighbor called her.

The dog's owner (and a neighbor) say that the 5-year-old Pitbull is NOT an aggressive dog, and that she ran towards the officers because of the flashing lights. Her owner claims that she was shot protecting her own property and has started a GoFundMe for her medical bills.

What do you think? It's tough to tell from the video; we don't know what happened before or after. Then again, cops are on their toes no matter what nowadays.

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