It’s a monologue, it’s a blog … it’s a monoblog!

Three good jokes and one bad one ... or vice versa. You tell me.

  • In legal news, a man is suing BMW because he says his motorcycle seat gave him a two-year erection. Men everywhere are thinking, “Great, yet another reason for my wife not to let me buy a bike.”
  • The Octomom is so broke she has filed for bankruptcy and says she’s willing to do adult films to make money. Does the world really need that? Even the people who watch porn are taking up a collection for her if she’ll agree to not go there.
  • Mitt Romney told college students last week that if they want to start a business just borrow money from mom and dad. So there goes the mom and dad vote for Romney.
  • Do you get the sense Romney doesn’t quite get that everyone doesn’t have his kind of money just lying around? He’s like Scrooge McDuck in a business suit. I wonder if he has a roomful of $100 bills that he swims in?

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