Every old school gamer remembers blowing into the Nintendo game cartridge when it wouldn't work. Well guess what, it didn't do a darn thing.

I still remember the Christmas morning when I woke up to a Nintendo game system under the tree. It was hands down the best Christmas gift my brothers and I could have hoped for. We spend the rest of Christmas vacation playing hours of Excite Bike, Zelda, and Duck Hunt. Every now and again, the game would get all glitchy and everyone knew the only way to fix it was to blow into the game cartridge.

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Everyone knew that the only way to fix a glitchy game was to blow in it . . . you know, to get the . . .um, dust? out of it. Maybe it moved the motherboard just slightly enough to fix the glitchy system. Look, I don't know the science behind it . . .I just knew that it worked almost every time.

When I was really desperate, I would actually resort to blowing inside the Nintendo system itself! That was rare, but I'm sure it was the right thing to do.


Last week I was talking to my son about how fun some of the old Nintendo games were, and the magic of blowing on the game came up. He mentioned that there was an article online debunking the theory. Obviously I knew that he was wrong, because I'm older, wiser, and had actually blown on Nintendo games before!

I was anxious to prove him wrong, so after a quick search we found this. An article from a very reputable source, that clearly proves, beyond a doubt, and without question . . . .

that I was wrong.

Not only was I wrong about blowing on the games, but it turns out that I may have been damaging the games while doing it.

Childhood ruined.

Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but where do you go when you find out that one of the most certain truths in your life is actually not true at all?!

I did what any mature grown adult would do, and told my son that you can't believe everything you read on the internet. Then I made him turn off his game and go do homework.

The moral of the story is that it takes a big man to admit when he's wrong . . . I'm 5'8".


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