I caught this story on the news last night, and couldn't help but smile, and want to share it. It is  a sad story with such a wonderful outcome! Meet Tanner, the blind Golden Retriever and Blaire, his very own seeing eye dog.



Tanner is a Golden Retriever, blind since birth and also suffering from almost daily epileptic seizures. He was left at an animal shelter in Tulsa, OK after his elderly owner passed away.

Blaire was a street dog. She was picked up and brought to the same animal shelter, after she suffered a gun shot to the leg.


The two shelter dogs instantly became inseparable, and with no coaching, or special training, Blaire has become a seeing eye dog for Tanner, actually leading him around on a leash. Another fantastic side affect from this heartwarming friendship is that Tanner's epileptic seizures have all but disappeared!

Both dogs are currently up for adoption, and it's hoped that they will go together to a loving home.

This is such a great story, and proof that people can learn a lot from their animals!