Michigan cities offer so much, from vibrant arts & culture scenes to renowned restaurants, and tight-knit communities filled with a diverse and desire to support local businesses. To say we are pretty lucky is an understatement, and choosing one place to call the very best is tough, but one city has taken the crown.

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Stacker, known for searching out the "best of the best" in a variety of categories, has released its list of the "Best Places to Live in Every State". They relied on data from Niche's 2023 rankings. Niche ranks places to live based on many factors, including the cost of living, educational attainment, housing, and public schools.

"Many cities on the list are suburbs experiencing growth thanks to rapid improvements in their metropolitan areas, whether it's the creation of new rail systems or a megacorporation moving in. Other entries include planned communities or older cities that have been revamped with grassroots efforts focusing on greener ways of living, drawing in new businesses, or increased devotion to the arts. Towns with large colleges regularly appear, as prestigious universities employ thousands of workers and provide diverse recreational and educational options for families", Stacker said. 


What is the Best Place to Live in Michigan?

According to Stacker, the top spot in Michigan is a charming small town just outside of East Lansing. The city of Okemos has just clinched the coveted title of the best place to live in Michigan. Located just 10 miles east of Lansing, Michigan's state capitol, Okemos has a population of around 25,000 and ranked 29th on the list of "bests". Here's what Stacker said,

"Okemos, next to Michigan State University, has an abundance of youth sports activities, making the town an attractive place to raise a family. The Meridian Historical Village is another point of pride in the town. Comedian Seth Meyers attended elementary school in Okemos".

Be sure to check out the full Stacker list of Best Places to Live in Every State here. 

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