Where has this year gone? It was January, I blinked, and suddenly it was June. Is time dilating around me like Buzz Lightyear or something? How is it already halfway through 2022?

The days might be slipping away, but a lot of movies from the first half of the year have stuck with me. Although we’re still a few months away from the start of awards season, there’s already been numerous releases that deserve consideration for top prizes come next winter. Odds are, most of them will be forgotten; the Academy and most other awards bodies have very short memories.

That’s part of the reason to do a list like this of 2022’s best movies to date; to hopefully keep these movies on people’s radars even as arthouses and festivals fill up with high-profile fall films. And if you missed these titles, you should go out of your way to track them down. Each entry includes information on where to find them, either in theaters or on streaming.

Without further time dilation, here are my picks for the best movies of 2022 so far. I’ll see you back here after one more blink for my full year-end top ten list.

The Best Movies of 2022 So Far

Of all the titles released so far this year, here are the ones you have to see.
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