A Bay City man stepped up to the big wheel, gave it a hearty spin, and won $1 million on the Michigan Lottery's 'Big Spin' show Wednesday night (4/12).

Jeremiah Solomon tells the Michigan Lottery that winning the $1 million prize means the world to him and that being chosen to appear on the show was a blessing.

“Getting the call to be on The Big Spin show was unbelievable,” said Solomon. “Winning $1 million means the world to me and will allow me to complete some home improvements and take care of my friends and family.”


Just How Tall is John 'Spider' Salley?

The Michigan Lottery's 'Big Spin' show is hosted by Detroit basketball champion John Salley.

As you'll see in the video below, Jeremiah looks minuscule standing next to the former Pistons player. At 6' 11", Salley looks like a giant standing next to anyone.

Salley was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in 1986 right out of Georgia Tech. He went on to play for the Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

He's also made several appearances in movies and TV shows and appeared in a Luther Vandross music video in 2001.

Guaranteed Winnings

Each player who appears on the 'Big Spin' is guaranteed to win between $100,000 and $2 million. Solomon says he plans to use his winnings to make improvements to his home and help take care of friends and family.

The show airs locally on WNEM-TV 5 (in the Flint/Saginaw area) during 'Wheel of Fortune.'

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