We're fast approaching Wednesday, October 21, 2015, what has been dubbed 'Back To The Future Day' by fans of the epic triligy. Fans of the flux capacitor will tell you that's the day that Doc and Marty travel to the future from 1985 to save the McFly kids.

For the first time since the second installment of the classic was released in 1989, fans will watch the time-traveling duo do something different. Instead of traveling from the past to the future, Doc and Marty will be traveling from the past... to the past. Our past, that is. So 26 years after that date was placed on the calendar of geeks world wide, that futurisic date is right around the corner.

What I love about the movies are that they are a timeless trilogy about time travel. It bridges the gap between generations, as Marty experiences what it would be like to go to school and hang out with his parents. Now fans can experience the entire trilogy, all three films, on the big screen, on 'Back To The Future' Day, right here in Flint... for only $9!

You can bet your time circuits that I'll be at the Flint 14 West on Grahm Road off of Corunna Road at I-75 on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 at 4:30pm! See you there!