It's beginning to look a lot like November....


Ill admit that I don't watch a ton of network, over the air, television. So, in turn I don't get to take in a ton of television ads. But lately Jeopardy has become a go to show when I hit the elliptical. After a solid two weeks of taking in the four minute commercial breaks it has become apparent. The barrage of political ads have begun.

This November you will head to the polls for a ton of local Michigan races. So, needless to say it's pretty impactful, more so than the big national elections. And for brevity sake we are going to zero in on the Governors race here in Michigan. And since we are sane here in the mitt, we have term limits, which means a whole new slew of people want to lead the state. And they all have not one, not two, but THREE main talking points to sell you. And by three, we mean three of the same ideas. Get ready for Michigan 2018 with:

  • More Jobs/Higher Wages
  • Lower Auto Insurance
  • Fix The Roads

And there you go. The promise. By each one. Left, Right, Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative.


Seriously. Check it out.


And what does that mean? It means that we, yes WE, have much more in common than we think. Trust me, a lot of research goes in to any political campaign. It's no mystery that these three talking points are at the top of each persons platform. It means that no matter who you are, that these three issues are somewhere near the top your list.


So, let's all settle on that. We AGREE on something. Actually, three things! Next time you encounter someone with opposite views of yourself just say "How bout them (roads/jobs/insurance)?" And you have instant common ground.


The Michigan primary is on Tuesday August 7th. Go vote.

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