Michigan State Police are investigating the theft of two ATM machines. The machines were stolen over the weekend from banks in Flint Township and Swartz Creek.

Police recovered the two ATM machines Saturday morning along with the truck that used in the thefts. The truck too was stolen according to a tweet by the Michigan State Police Bay Region.

The ATM machines were stolen from PFCU Banks in Swartz Creek and Flint Township.

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As of right now, no suspects are in custody.

Michigan State Police:

No suspects are in custody at this time. If you have information about this incident, call Flint MSP 810-732-1111 or to remain anonymous, CrimeStoppers at 1-800-422-JAIL.

Years ago, the majority of criminals would try to break into ATMs using tools. Now they just throw chains around the machine and use a stolen vehicle to pull it from the wall. Some criminals have been known to steel ATMs in the middle of the day in front of witnesses.

There has to be some sort of video footage taken by security cameras. Hopefully, police will release that information to the public soon.

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